Kings of War Demos and How to Git Gud at Them in 10 Easyish Steps

Hi! I’m Cyle. Massive nerd and person of general tallness. I would say a solid 12 of you know me from various events and Kings of War Fanatics the 2nd best KoW Facebook Group. #greenskins. I’m what you could call a raging extrovert and as a result often wind up putting on demo games with people excited about the idea of KoW. I suck way less now then I did running demos back in 1st edition. Read on if you wish to receive 10 totally non click-bait steps to an awesome Demo game experience. Typos included free of charge with cellphone pictures!.

Tonight I ran another Demo game in my garage with its miss matched scenery and no game mat. It was the new guys first time ever putting models on a table and by the end of the night he was building list ideas and bought the KoW hard back from our local store. Score 1 for the good guys.


A Demo game to me is a small scale streamlined version of any core system. For Kings of War I have been tweaking my demo armies and keep falling in love with 650-700 points on a 3’x4′ table with 3-4 terrain pieces. This allows for a mix of special rules and styles of play but nothing much more complicated then a 2 unit multi assault.

THE LISTS I USE AND WHY (let them pick which to play of course)

demo army A

  • Rabble Regiment
  • Rabble Regiment
  • SharpStick Regiment
  • Fleabag Rider Troop
  • Troll Regiment – Blade of Slashing
  • Flaggit
  • Giant

Because every Demo needs one army to just go get stuck in it! (This is the list I often use game 1. Its straightforward and fun to blow up)

demo army B

  • Rabble Regiment
  • Rabble Legion – Blessing of the gods
  • Wiz
  • War trombone
  • King on chariot
  • Slasher

Sometimes 30 dice is just fun as hell to roll (or 90 if your giant doesn’t break that damn king on chariot for 2 turns like an amateur).

But wait!!!!!!!! Goblins are not new player friendly! Damn Right!

Yet hear my case for the green tide being a great demo army. We don’t play with yellow belly, we don’t use CoK and game 1 is always kill. At 700 as you can see both lists play very differently from each other, have a decent drop count, cover many rules which can be used or ignored based on player skill and feel. Plus you just switch sides for round 2! No one unit has amazing stats, the shooting is effective but doesn’t often pick up a target in 1 shot.  And each list gets 1 magic just to dabble in the idea that customization is a big part of the game.


The glorious mid game!


  1. So you have your awesome armies which by now you have been swayed to goblins. Take 5 or 10 mins and go over some mock scenarios and basic rules (mileage varied based on audience experience). What are stats, how does KoW handle dice rolls and turns, this is nerve and an example fight.
  2. Next Deploy those bad boys, as you do so state the name of the unit and any special rules it may have; “Flaggit, he has inspiring, the thing that makes you re roll nerve checks to kill my guys. Your turn to drop.” Answer any questions and if a deployment makes ZERO sense avoid saying hey try this, its their game not yours but don’t be shy about asking things like “whats your thinking behind that move” just to make sure they didn’t miss understand that unit.
  3. I like to take the first move if possible, however letting them choose has its merits and as always every game and player will be different. Nothing is more awkward for me then going first, game 1 turn 1 with made up words on a piece of paper and a cool guy staring you down as you fondle his awesome goblin army. By taking the 1st move you not only get to rehash the turn process by doing it, but you also can move subtly to mitigate any bad deployment on their end. 
  5. Take the game as slow as needed. Build rapport and have a blast. As the game goes on have conversations about how many dice your rolling and the values needed. Demo games don’t have wrong answers. They have incomplete understandings. Forgot that a giant has CS3? don’t be a dick, “Hey i think the giant has a special rule that would really help you out here” is way cooler then “you just needed 2’s here mate”
  6. Leave your dice on the table for a second, your off the clock. I know when I game for real my dice fall-sort-lift-repeat and literally the second you agree with my count up and rolling again. Mr. Total New Guy is not used to sorting 36 dice by eye and then knowing 4’s into 3’s. “To Hit” roll, State your goal, Sort, “now for damage”, Roll, Sort, state the result, answer any questions, Nerve as needed.
  7. Reference Rule 4 add in having even more fun as the rules get a bit more clear.
  8. By turn 5 or 6 most players are running their turn with only minor Q&A and part of yours, they see concepts and grasp that the legion is hard to kill and giants hit like bricks.
  9. Finish up the game and shake the hand of the hard fought new guy and congratulate them on the win I hope they got. Give them a copy of the demo army lists if possible.
  10. Now they are hooked. Shoo them away from goblins as by now you are already building them for yourself. I often hand out a few tournament lists or copies of I have collected from various players so they don’t clutter my binder and challenge them to pick an army they love the lore or look or feel of. Build a 1000 points and come fight me again, contact information included because questions often arise. Also if you didn’t mad rep Easy Army you didn’t do your job. That website if the bees knees as the kids would say.

20170807_225204That so close to tabled feeling

Now you have a new person to play with and once they find an army they love get them hooked on the plastic crack and past the point of no return. Then crush their soul with a nasty glorious victory as your just reward. they wont even be sad because Master Crafted Gaming’s Tournament report video has them to distracted with prepping for Lady of the Lake 2018. 

Thanks for read sorry for the rant. Go forth and nerd…. nerds?